Install Tomcat JK connector

Tomcat connector is a protocol communicating between Apache Httpd server and Tomcat server. Usually we call it Tomcat JK connector(JK name comes from Tomcat JK project). Currently we use AJP1.3 protocol(AJP1.2 is deprecated).
For detail, please refer to

  1. Download source code
    It’s not recommended to use pre-compiled JK connector binary in Linux environment. We build it from the source code. Please download it from
  2. Unzip the compressed file
  3. Find the directory of apxs program.
    This step requires the apxs program from Apache Httpd. We have to find the apxs folder.
    Example. /usr/local/apache-2.2.24/bin/apxs
  4. Make the
    In command-line console, type

        ./configure --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache-2.2.24/bin/apxs

    The compiled will be created in native/apache-2.0 folder


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