Can’t connect to a website

Here are some consideration if you can’t connect to a website.

  1. Port 80 is blocked
    Well, you have to open the port 80 in the server firewall setting.
  2. DNS problem.
    The client machine may have problem in DNS setting.
  3. Check virtual host configuration
    If you configure your website as a virtual host in the web server system, check the virtual host setting again.
  4. Check Tomcat configuration(If Tomcat is used)
    If your website is a Tomcat webapp facing directly to the Internet, check Tomcat setting again. Usually, check conf/server.xml file.
  5. Check connector configuration(If application server is used. Example: Tomcat)
    If you configure your website in Tomcat and Apache Httpd plays as a interface talking to the Internet, check the Tomcat connector(could be AJP connector) setting again.


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