smtp-cli to test open-relay SMTP server

A SMTP server provides mail relay/delivery services. A SMTP server without limiting mail relaying for outside machines would become serious security problem.

A good and secure SMTP server should not provide open-relay function to the public.

We can use “smtp-cli” program to test if a SMTP server provides open-relay function.


  • Go to
  • Download the latest version of program.
  • Unzip it.

Sometimes you need more libraries. The followings may be required if you are running Ubuntu

apt install  libio-socket-ssl-perl  libdigest-hmac-perl  libterm-readkey-perl libmime-lite-perl libfile-libmagic-perl libio-socket-inet6-perl

Local Test

First, let’s test the program on the local SMTP server.

./smtp-cli --verbose --server localhost

Test Remote SMTP Server

Test port 25

./smtp-cli --verbose --host --from --to --body-plain "Hello"

Test port 587

./smtp-cli --verbose --host --enable-auth --user testuser --from --to --body-plain "Hello"

If the mail goes through and you can receive the mail on the receiver side, that means this SMTP server accepts open-realay. This could be a problem. Your SMTP server may be blacklisted and nobody can reach it.

You can use the above steps to test your SMTP server and fix the vulnerability.


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