VMware Workstation 11 share folder configuration

For unknown reason, the share folder in VMware Workstation 11 doesn’t work on CentOS 7.

Here are steps to manually install it again.

Step 1

Uninstall open-vm-tools
CentOS will automatically install open-vm-tools packages. However, the open-vm-tools doesn’t work with VMware Workstation 11. To manually install official VMware Tools packages, we have to uninstall the open-vm-tools.
In CentOS 7
Menu [Applications] –> [System Tools] –> [Software]
Search open-vm-tools
Uncheck the installed packages.
Click on [Apply Changes] button

Step 2

In VMware Workstation
Menu [VM] –> [Settings]
Set the VMware Tools iso as a CD-ROM resource.
The file location is like C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Workstation\linux.iso

Step 3

For CentOS7, the linux.iso content will be mount in /run/media/userabc/VMware Tools
In the directory, you will see the tar ball file. Ex. VMwareTools-9.9.2-2496486.tar.gz

Login as root.
Copy it to a temp directory.

mkdir /tmp/vmtools
cp VMwareTools-9.9.2-2496486.tar.gz /tmp/vmtools

Unzip it.

cd /tmp/vmtools
tar -zxvf VMwareTools-9.9.2-2496486.tar.gz

The result will be in vmware-tools-distrib directory.

Step 4

Install VMware Tools

cd vmware-tools-distrib

The program will ask many setting. Simply use the default value.

Step 5

Restart CentOS server.

Step 6

Configure share folder
Menu [VM] –> [Settings] –> [Options] tab
Select [Shared Folders] item.
Add/Remove the share folder you want.

Step 7

To view the share folder in CentOS, you can list files in the path of /mnt/hgfs


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