Configure Google Analytics on Joomla

Google Analytics is a convenient way to monitor the traffic of your website or the web pages you want to track. It’s also easy to set it up. Now let’s take a look the installation steps.

Step 1
Go to and set up the tracking info. Google Analytics will generate the tracking ID which is the key snippet you need to do the tracking. You can find it at [Admin] –> [Tracking Code] –> [Tracking ID]. The tracking snippet is a javascript segment that you need to place in your web page. Find it and copy the whole script.

Step 2
In Joomla
Menu [Extensions] –> [Template Manager]
On the left-hand side, click on [Templates]
Click on the target template.
Click on the index.php
At the end of the content of index.php, paste the Google Analytics script.
Save it.


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