Cut mesh model using NetFabb

If you only need a certain part of your mesh model, what is the fast way to do it? You can use 3D model software to cut the portion of the model you want. Now I show you a fast way to get this done.

In NetFabb, open the STL mesh file you want to edit.

You’ll see the default Isometric view mode.
Click on “Front” view mode(or another view mode you want).

You can adjust the cutting place from the right-hand-side panel. Here I show you to cut the model along a horizontal place. I set the z value to the certain height. Click on “Execute cut” button.

The next step shows a detail tune-up function. You can adjust it based on your need. Click on “Cut” button.

The resulted models will show up in the right-hand-side context area panel. In my example, you see two new parts(Cut1, Cut2).

Finally, choose the part you want and export it.


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